Education Quality Assurance Agency To Be established

A fresh Education Quality Assurance Agency will be established in Azerbaijan.

The bureau will be set up with the presidential decree Ministry of Education reported.

The bureau is created on the basis of this reorganization of this Ministry of Nostrification Department and Education Accreditation.

The Education Quality Assurance Agency is a part of the Ministry of Education. The authorized funds of this bureau is 100,000 manage ($58,823).

According to the decree, the Cabinet of Ministers was instructed to Provide to fix logistical difficulties, and an administrative construction to the service.

The Ministry of Education was taught to approve the Construction of this bureau, calendar of positions and wages (such as salary increases, bonuses and other obligations ) in just two months.

The bureau is established in this State Strategy’s frame for Education’s growth adopted in 2013. According to the record, the standard of schooling is announced the country’s strategic priority.

The record sets of enhancing the system of indexes, aims Quantifying the standard of schooling, so as to produce an educational system which occupies a top position among the states of the world concerning coverage and quality, and its quality to boost.

The Education Quality Assurance Agency is made to Attain These aims and make a method for ensuring education that Meets with requirements that are existing.

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