Five Companies Using Virtual Reality To Improve The Lives Of Senior Citizens

Reality is emerging as a Instrument to bring about Positive change for all, including the older. VR is improving the lives of citizens across the world, to transporting the infirm to places, without the need to travel from decreasing isolation.

I have taken a look National Senior Citizen’s Day to mark Companies utilizing the power of reality to make a difference.


Viarama is adding delight To the lives of citizens who are currently receiving care. Using Google Earth VR and HTC Vive cans, those in nursing homes or hospices are accepted. The business is allowing the elderly to travel back to where they have married, or in which they did their national support.

Billy Agnew, chief executive of Viarama said:I was completely staggered by Just how much they enjoyed the experience, and how successful it was to get them. We have had mountain bikers climbing mountains, we have had artists who have dementia who have had to give up their life’s work, and we allow them draw, paint and sculpt in VR. The first time we worked at a hospice we had two doctors who were in to assess what we were doing, and the two of those doctors broke down because it was so emotional.

Mynd VR

MyndVR is on a mission To improve the lives of senior citizens and assisted living communities by introducing virtual reality options into obsolete health-care practices.

The company is currently implementing this technology into 55 dwelling communities in Purchase for seniors benefits VR provides. This includes helping seniors cope with cognitive ailments like Alzheimer’s and dementia, produce experiences that are meaningful without leaving the comfort and safety of a gym, and importantly, provide a bit of fun.

MyndVR utilizes cameras to catch experiences. For Instance, they’ve Filmed a band playing Frank Sinatra with all the musicians and a bunch of actors dressed in 1950s clothing. As though they sat in the front row and feels transported to a different time the consumer experiences the audio.

In April this year, the company rolled out MyndVR 2.0 in partnership with all HTC’s Vive X – a global VR Accelerator. Past versions of MyndVR were only available on cans that are mobile-based. Now, HTC headset – Vive Focus – may be utilized, providing easy-to-use immersive experiences for seniors.

MyndVR is also in the forefront of study at various reputable Universities to examine the cognitive health advantages virtual reality can have on our population that is aging.


The latest National Poll on Healthy Aging demonstrated that one in three elderly adults felt a Deficiency of calmness, which suggests that millions of older adults across the U.S. feel lonely. Research shows that chronic loneliness can impact older adults’ memory, physical well-being, mental wellness, and life expectancy. In reality, some research indicates that loneliness can shorten life expectancy as much as smoking.

More than 50 percent of senior living Residents will experience isolation or depression . Rendever is trying to overcome this social isolation via virtual reality and common adventures. In the last three years, Rendever has installed its own VR platform in over 100 senior living communities across the united states and Canada, supplying over 40,000 experiences.

The company is currently enabling care home Residents to visit their youth home, wedding place or any place else from their past – a trip down memory lane aided by VR. It also gives residents the chance to feel like they have left the care home to visit places they have always dreamed of. The platform is used in group settings so residents can share tales and deepen their connections with one another and staff.

I saw the unwanted effects of Isolation require a toll on my grandmother as she dealt with the process. When I first saw seniors respond to virtual reality, I knew there was something strong to dive into, and have spent the previous three years pouring my heart into a commodity that I know my grandmother would be proud of.” CEO, kyle Rand, Rendever.

VR Genie

VR Genie is conducted by the nonprofit Organization Equality Lab. The organization’s mission is to”utilize cutting-edge technologies to enable communities to flourish and to improve their quality of life.

Users Can Opt to be transported To outer space, the sea floor, or the tops of mountains, with the intent of combating isolation, social isolation, and depression. Studies have shown that virtual reality can help people manage an assortment of health problems.

“We know that things like guided Vision and meditation can be very beneficial for cognition and things of that character, and we also know that direct behavioral interventions can be very valuable for people too,” stated Aldrich Chan, a neuropsychologist and research associate in the University of Miami.

VR Genie’s aim is to grant the final Wishes of older people before they pass, permitting them to tick encounters off their’bucket record’ such as visiting the Northern Lights or visiting the Eiffel Tower. The encounter has been hugely powerful, with one elderly adult saying it’gave life to her spirit’ when she’visited’ Cuba after decades of exile.

Virtual Exercise

In the Usa, It’s recommended that elderly adults get 150 minutes of exercise per week in Order to boost their overall wellbeing and lower the likelihood of accidents related to frailty. Though exercise facilities can be found in care homes, many seniors will probably not receive their heart rate up to the amounts required. A study by Jon Ram Bruun-Pedersen of this Multisensory Experience Laboratory at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology at Aalborg University Copenhagen used virtual reality to turn exercise into an immersive, exciting experience rather than a chore.

All too often the old end Upward sitting and looking at a wall or staring right into a television. Generally, they are usually not especially motivated to exercise, partly because getting moving again after a lengthy period of inactivity can cause pain, and partially because it’s not especially interesting to sit and look at a wall as you bicycle,” he stated .

Bruun-Pedersen used virtual mountain Landscapes with birds, plants, and trees to mimic being in the outdoors, Which led to the elderly’s desire to utilize exercise bikes increasing. After the study ended, the physical therapists involved in the Research asked to use the expertise in their training programs in the future.

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