The Extra Cost Of School Choice

The policy consequences of peer effects are many.

If we can identify them, should we attempt to disperse”great” students evenly through the system?

1 such’resource’ is engaged and invested parents.” And, an individual might add, participated and spent pupils. Teachers and building administration, but from the students in the classroom shape not only every classroom culture.

Especially in high school, pupils find out about how to Boost leaders and how to lead. Students that are Powerful can raise a class’s achievement level in ways that a teacher can’t.

But there’s another impact that is real. When more committed students leave a college, they leave that school with student direction peer influence.

The majority of us have stories. I learned to play trombone in high school in part from trying to keep up. For four decades, everyone in my core courses chased the two girls in our tier. As a high school teacher, I saw the exact same effect over and over again.

That direction will come in the strong pupils in the room.

Right?” That is.

However, what if those leaders aren’t there? I’ve taught those classes, too.

(“Mr. Greene, I’m not an over-achiever or a under-achiever,” a student once told me. “I’m an even-achiever.”) It is a huge challenge to light a fire under a room filled with Cookie Monster pupils. Robert Pondiscio rolls it in his new book about Success Academy charters schools, The Way To Half Learns:

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